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5 interior design trends you'll fall in love with

As you well know, designs trends come and go. Some we fall in love with and....some we could do without! Below are 5 current design trends that I believe you will love!


When it comes to linens, pillows, and blankets the more you have, the merrier! Try to diverse with the textures when adding layers. Add a faux fur, quilt, satin, fleece, knit, sherpa....the list goes on and on! Give me all the textures and layers for a pretty room.

SWEET TIP- Current favorite place to buy pillows-!


We had our time with whites and grays but colors are making a comeback! So if you were completely bored out of your mind with grays and white- have no fear, color is back!

Check out the color trends of the year from Benjamin Moore.


Our homes have always been a place to host friends and family, that is not new. What has changed and seems to be on the rise is a "kick off your shoes and stay awhile" attitude. Long gone are the unwelcomed sofas, or the super expensive rugs. Home is now a place where you can casually get together with your friends and family and simply serve them. No more fuss of matching china! Mismatch dishes are the way to go! Want to hang lights from your patio for an outdoor party? Be my guest! The more casual the more inviting!

SWEET TIP- Check out Dollar Tree for some fantastic dishes to mix with your sets at home!


Tile is the way to make a statement on the wall of your kitchen and bath! Just as color is back in paint, tiles with personality are in! If a whole wall of tile is too much for you, consider using the tile as an accent. Accent walls are perfect over a stove in a kitchen and on the shower floor or shampoo niche of a bathroom.


Okay, so a green thumb has never been "out" but they are hard to come by. The use of real plants indoors is all the rage. If you are scared of trying your hand at real plants, start with succulents! Succulents are very low maintenance and require very very little water and lots of light. Real plants have so many benefits too! Go out and grab you a succulent today!

SWEET TIP- Try your hand at Zinnia seeds. Super easy to grow and they make beautiful cut flowers!

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