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Tickled Pink

Recently I had the opportunity to help an E-design customer with a paint color. To my surprised (maybe even hers) it ended in picking pink! When determining the perfect paint color for a customer, there are lots of questions that I ask!

She needed help picking a paint color for her daughters bathroom. All the tile and cabinetry were neutral, so naturally she wanted to give the room a punch with the paint color. That is how we landed on pink.

I love the color pink these days. I do not know what it is but there is something refreshing, sweet, and romantic about the color pink. In the last few months, I personally have purchased a pink blanket, pink pillows, a pink planter... not to mention the amount of clothing.

There are a few rules however when picking the -right- pink!

1. Consider the mood of the room. What are you trying to say/get across while in the room?

2. What color is the undertone of the pink you are looking at? My favorite undertone is a subtle peach. When choosing a pink with peach undertones it says -less baby girl- and more

-sophisticated and grown up-.

3. If your walls are pink, let that be the statement piece of the room. The walls already have enough personality! There is no need in adding a lot more pink to the room.

Here are a few of my favorite pinks:

Coastal Cottage 1164 – Benjamin Moore.

Coastal Cottage 1164 – Benjamin Moore

First Light 2102-70 - Benjamin Moore

Tissue Pink 1163 - Benjamin Moore

And just like french fries go great with ketchup, and butter goes with popcorn, GOLD goes with pink. Be still my heart! That will have to be another blog post!

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