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The Process

One of the biggest questions I get asked and a concern from many potential clients is- How does this all work? I think interiors decorators/designers some time get a bad rap for having obscene budget and a pushy way of influencing the client of their design styles instead of discovering the clients design style.

I am hoping I can shed some light on the design process and what working with me looks like.

It really is quite simple. Through a series of questions I ask:

1. What is your design style? During this phase customers can peruse through Pinterest, Google, magazines, and HGTV to help determine and decide which design style meets their interest.

2. Determine a Budget. This is pretty self-explanatory but you and the decorator need to be on the same page knowing how much you plan to spend.

3. Follow the design "rules". Just kidding there are no rules when it comes to design.....well maybe a few but I like to let creativity reign.

4. Take it easy. It is okay if your home/project is a process. There is no need to break the bank, your back, or even your mental wellness to get a project done. It takes time and patience. In the end it will all be worth it.

Below is a video that a local company did about my master bathroom redo. Listen and watch in to learn about our master bathroom design "process"!

(I face... geez!)

Want to see pictures of our Master Bath?

Here ya go!

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